Kerryn Courtis ( Managing Member )
Kerryn rejoined Paragon in 2013 having spent several years in the early 2000’s employed in the company. Her prior experience allowed Kerryn to build a broad knowledge base of all disciplines within Paragon. Her strength sees her managing the financial and admin functions, whilst also getting involved in the operations and customer liason. Having Ralph Philips, the previous owner, as her father, one could say she was brought up in the paint industry and shares the same passion Ralph does. Or though Ralph is now retired he still follows with interest Paragon’s success and is available on a consultancy basis.

Geoff Courtis
Geoff being Kerryn’s husband is very much a silent partner…(He says – “Happy wife happy life”). He does however bring a wealth of knowledge and experience in overall management and operational functions when required. He also has regular involvement with the sales and production teams to ensure our loyal customers are well cared for.


1981 Paragon Paints started by Ralph Phillips.
1984 Introduction of the Industrial range.
1991 Moved to new factory in Westmead.
2001 Development of Aquagloss Water Based Enamel.
2002 Development of solvent free epoxy flooring range.
2003 Development of water based epoxy floor coating and single pack water based floor coating.
2014 Ralph sold his shares to Kerryn Courtis & Philip Truebody.
2017 Philip sold his shares to Geoff Courtis


Paragon has several prominent blue chip companies as well as smaller professional contracting firms who can testify to the quality and service we have delivered over the past 30+ years. There are many customers who have built the success of their business’s based on the Paragon product strength’s and service excellence.

Customer references are available on request.


We now offer product training days to any of our clients who would like to know more about the ins and outs of what goes into our products to make it environmentally friendly, and what makes our Paragon Paints durable and long lasting.

Contact us directly for more info on our training days at (031) 700 5030.

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