Our Terms


Paragon manufactures a full range of middle to top quality Decorative and Industrial paints.
Many of the products, although not carrying the SABS mark, are tested according to the Bureau’s Specifications, thus ensuring a high standard of quality of product.
Random tests are conducted by an independent authority to confirm consistent standards. The principal of continuous improvement is the drive behind product development and growth.


All Paragon Paints products are tested to our specifications on manufacture and we guarantee the quality and performance of our product as per the relevant technical data sheet and in its condition of sale. Standard to all Paint Manufacturers, Paragon Paints cannot be held responsible for problems occurring as a result of application. Guarantees on specific product types are provided based on our Design a Spec Initiative.


Paragon has several prominent blue chip companies as well as smaller professional contracting firms who can testify to the quality and service we have delivered over the past 30+ years. There are many customers who have built the success of their business’s based on the Paragon product strength’s and service excellence.
Customer references are available on request.


We have our own vast range of colours from which to choose on the colour dispensing system, as well as being able to match any colours of any other manufacturer’s colour card, or even off Aunt Daisy’s curtains! A brush out card is kept for every colour tinted, noting the customer name, product tinted, colour information and quantity taken. Our latest Data colour equipment acquisition ensures we can match RAL colours to the closest 0.5 Delta E. For your convenience, we enclose a colour chart giving a small example of our colour range and standard colours.


For all orders of standard stock items, delivery should be effected within 24 hours.
Usually, any order received by midday will be sent out with the 8am delivery the next day.
Orders can also be couriered anywhere in Kwazulu Natal if outside the greater Durban area and nearest major centers.


Samples of all standard products are available in 500ml and 1lt sizes, on request.


Price lists for our Decorative Products, Industrial Products, Flooring and are available on request. Whilst we believe we offer cost effective solutions, we encourage customers to engage with our sales staff to discuss any concerns regarding same. Please keep in mind we prefer to sell solutions as opposed to buying problems.


Paragon Paints is a company large enough to give you the quality and quantity of paint you require, whilst remaining small enough to provide a very personalised and efficient service.
Customer care is practiced on a continual physical and telephonic basis by our dedicated team of sales people. Special attention is only a phone call away, offering inter alia, colour matching, product specification, application advice, consultation, quotes, estimates and decorating ideas – We can be daring as you are!


Any technical information or advice that cannot be obtained from our representatives, can usually be supplied by our Technical expert, who is also able to inspect and advise on problem causes and possible solutions.
In extreme cases, we can call on the expertise of an independent chemical laboratory for detailed tests and processes.
Once the nature of the problem has been ascertained, we offer comprehensive solutions and if necessary, damage control, in order to get you back on track as quickly as possible.


Orders may be taken by any of our representatives, sent by fax, phone or directly through to our offices on the following e-mail – admin@paragonpaints.co.za
Our administration system is extremely efficient and all orders are processed very swiftly.


As a medium sized manufacturer, Paragon enjoys the flexibility of being able to customise products to suite clients needs. We can actually develop new products to our customer’s special requirements, subject to cost and availability of raw materials and the quantity of product requested.