General Recommendations

For Painting of New and Previously Painted Surfaces

Surface Preparation
  • New surfaces – should be thoroughly clean and dry
  • Previously painted surfaces – should be free of all dirt, grease, loose or flaking paint and be thoroughly dry before coating
    (Consult Paragon Paints Technical data sheets on product specifications)
Primer or Sealer Coat

The correct product must be applied to ensure a top quality long lasting finish

Type of SurfaceRecommended Product
Plaster walls - newFillercoat or Alkali Resistant Primer
Plastered walls - previously paintedAlkali Resistant Primer
WoodworkParavarn or Pink Wood Primer
Iron and SteelW.B.Primer, Blast Primer or Calcium Plumbate Primer
Galvanised IronW.B.Primer, Calcium Plumbate Primer
Galvanised Iron RoofingCalcium Plumbate Primer or G.P.Roof Paint
Asbestos or Tile RoofingAsbestos Roof Paint
Bricks/Concrete/Ceilings - newFillercoat or Alkali Resistant Sealer
Bricks/Concrete/Ceilings - previously paintedPigmented Alkali Resistant Sealer
Concrete/Screeded FloorsParakote undercoat, Parakote 500 clear
Rhino Board/Asb.Cement - previously paintedPigmented Alkali Resistant Sealer

Finish Coats

Type of SurfaceRecommended Product
Walls/Bricks/Concrete and CeilingsGood quality emulsion paint or Alkyd Undercoat followed by Paragloss or Paragel Semi-Gloss
Concrete/Screeded FloorsParakote Enamel, Parakote 500, 2000 or Polyurethane Enamel
WoodworkAlkyd Undercoat followed by Paragloss or Paragel Semi-Gloss or Paravarn Wood Varnish
Metal Work - including galvanisedAlkyd Undercoat followed by Paragloss or Paragel Semi-Gloss Enamel
Galvanised Iron RoofingAlkyd Undercoat followed by Iron Roof Paint or G.P.Roof Paint
Asbestos/Tile RoofingPararoof Paint
Rhino BoardGood quality Emulsion Paint

Cleaning and Thinning

Type of ProductCleaning/Thinning
Emulsion PaintsWater
Blast PrimersLacquer Thinners
Iron/Stoep PaintsTurps
Parakote EpoxiesParakote Thinners
Polyurethane EnamelsPolyurethane Thinners
Quick Dry/Coach EnamelsFastdry Thinners

Range of Colours on the Paragon Colouring System

ProductPastelMediumDeepUltra Deep
Paracryl Interior/Exterior Acryliccheck-mark-50check-mark-50check-mark-50check-mark-50
PP2 Interior/Exteriorcheck-mark-50
Africryl Sheencheck-mark-50check-mark-50check-mark-50check-mark-50
Interior/Exterior Acryliccheck-mark-50
Paragloss Enamelcheck-mark-50check-mark-50check-mark-50check-mark-50
Paragel Gloss Enamelcheck-mark-50check-mark-50check-mark-50check-mark-50
Aquagloss Enamelcheck-mark-50check-mark-50check-mark-50check-mark-50

Top Quality Matt acrylic

Paragel Semi-Gloss
Polyurethane Non-drip Enamel

Polyurethane Semi-Gloss
Non-drip Enamel

Waterbased Semigloss Acrylic Enamel

Acrylic Sheen
Pure Acrylic Sheen Emulsion

PP2 Interior/Exterior
Emulsion Matt
Good Quality Acrylic Emulsion

Pararoof Paint
Top Quality Roof Paint for Asbestos & Tiles
Top Quality Emulsion Paint for all Roofing Surfaces